2017 Programme

Auckland Medical History Society – 2017 Programme of Lectures

Mar 2
Medical History on the Doorstep – Richard Pusey (UK)
The Experiences of Nurses Onboard NZ Hospital Ships during WW1 – Tessa Mazey-Richardson

Apr 6 James Newman Lecture
Doris Gordon, Foundation of a Legacy – Ron Jones

May 4
The War on Coronary Artery Disease – Alan Kerr

Shifting Colonial Doctors – gold Rush to a Digital Age – Derek Dow

Jun 1
Student presentations – To be announced
Exile and Refuge : Layered Lives in NZ’s Tuberculosis Sanatoria – Debbie Dunsford

Jul 6
Penicillin – However did it come to reach the Patient? – Patricia Clarkson
The Nursing Oral History Project – Linda Bryder

Aug 3 Founder’s Lecture
Dispassion or Compassion : Attitudes of Surgeons and the Experiences of Patients During the 19th Century – John P Collins
The Enigma of Antonio Scarpa & the University of Padua – Ross Blair

Sep 7 
Bad Karma or Divine Retribution? H L Mecken’s Stroke – Ernest Willoughby
Pnumonic Plague in Manchuria in 1910 – Martin Wallace

Oct 5 Annual General Meeting
The Last of the Originals : The Life and Times of Gavin Glasgow – Neil Anderson
Dialysis in Auckland : Addressing the Challenges from the early years to today – John F Collins

Nov 16 Annual Dinner
Cancer Man ? The Milan Brych Affair – Rob Harley