Books about New Zealand Doctors

A list prepared by Dr Graeme Woodfield with useful input from Dr Pat Clarkson.
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Books about New Zealand Doctors  Chronological List1-214

  1. Shearer I, Wright-St Clair R. A century on Cameron Road. A History of Tauranga Hospital 1914-20142016.
  2. Le Couteur C. Tonsils to Toenails:; The Life of Pat Cotter, Christchurch Surgeon and tree farmer.2016.
  3. Baldwin D. The Flying Doctor: Pengiun Random House New Zealand; 2016.
  4. Anderson N. Dusty Allen Revisited. A Neurologist’s Life. Auckland: Mary Egan Publishing; 2016.
  5. Wigley R. Rimes of an Ancient Rheumatism Doctor. Wellington: Steele Roberts; 2015.
  6. Trubuhovich R. Governor William Hobson. His health problems and final illness. Auckland2015.
  7. Savage D. The Auckland Hospital Laboratory. Recollections of Daphne Savage. Auckland: Marion Davis; 2015.
  8. O’Sullivam L. The Good Doctor. New Zealand: Penguin Random House; 2015.
  9. Hall-Jones J. A Life of Adventures. Revised ed. Invercargill2015.
  10. Hadden OB. Ophthalmology in New Zealand. Its Development and Professionalization: Auckland; 2015.
  11. New Zealand Doctors & Overseas Postgraduate Training 1950s & 1960s: Auckland Medical History Society; 2015.
  12. Teague L, ed. Starship. Inside Our National Children’s Hospital. Auckland: Random House; 2014.
  13. Lockyer D. Beyond the Splendours of the Sunset. A Biography of Margaret Barnet Cruickshank2014.
  14. Harris B. A Dame we Knew. A Tribute to dame Cecily Pickerill. NZ: DIY Publishing; 2014.
  15. Guthrie M. Different Stars for Different Times2014.
  16. Donaldson ID. The Truant from Medicine. Aucklandxl: Random House; 2014.
  17. Bryder L. The Rise and Fall of National Woman’s Hospital: a history. Auckland: Auckland University Press; 2014.
  18. Thompson LJ. The sky’s the limit: an autobiography2013c.
  19. Tucker G. A Life Worth Living. The Life and Times of Graham Stanley Tucker2013.
  20. Richmond D, Miller T, Murphy J. In the Beginning: A History of the Medical Unit at Auckland Hospital2013.
  21. Meikle MC. Reconstructing Faces. The Art and Wartime surgery of Gillies, Pickerill, McIndoe and Mowlem. Dunedin: Otago University Press; 2013.
  22. Matich M. From Beacon Point:my journey, my story: Phantom House Books; 2013.
  23. Hill B. Teaching Hundreds to Heal Millions. The Story of Dr Beryl Howie. Auckland: Daystar; 2013.
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  27. Hadden OB. Eye Surgeons and Surgery in New Zealand: Wairau Press; 2012.
  28. Dow D. Jewish Doctors in New Zealand. In: Bell L, Morrow D, eds. Jewish Lives in New Zealand A History. Auckland: Random House; 2012.
  29. Shackleton M. Desert Surgeons. Wellington NZ: Ngaio Press; 2011.
  30. Oliver J. George Stanley Sharp:1887-1967: The Story of a Family Doctor: Muckle Flugga; 2011.
  31. McMenamin D. Leprosy and Stigma in the South Pacific. London: Mc Farland & Co; 2011.
  32. Gill MA, ed. The Village on the Hill: Celebrating 125 Years of Waikato Hospital. Hamilton: Waikato District Health Board; 2011.
  33. Gill M. Himalayan Hospitals: Sir Edmund Hillary;s Everest Legacy. Nelson: Craig Potton Publishing; 2011.
  34. Nihotte J. A Doctor in the Village2010?
  35. Tallon M. Surprised by Obedience. A Biography of Raymond Windsor. Auckland: Pause for Effect; 2010.
  36. Horsburgh M. Hearts, Hands and Minds: the cardiothoracic nurses of Green Lane Hospital. Wellington: Dunmore; 2010.
  37. Frank M. My Innocent Absence. Tales from a Nomadic Life. London: Arcadia; 2010.
  38. Valentine J. Hell-Bent for Life. Dr John Valentine. Oakura NZ: John Valentine Publishing; 2009.
  39. Urquhart-Hay D. New Zealand’s First Urologist: Robert Campbell Begg. Beyond the Fig-Leaf. Wellington: Steele Roberts; 2009.
  40. Guthrie M. An enduring savour: reflections of a woman doctor on early influences.2009.
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  43. Armstrong J. Under One Roof. A History of Waikato Hospital. Hamilton: Half Court Press Ltd; 2009.
  44. Treanor K. The Staff, The Serpent and The Sword. 100 Years of the Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corp. Christchurch: Willson Scott Publishing Ltd.; 2008.
  45. Romanos J, Woodfield G. No Ordinary Man. The remarkable life of Arthur Porritt. Wellington NZ: Trio Books Ltd; 2008.
  46. Page D. Anatomy of a Medical School: a history of medicine at the University of Otago. Dunedin: University of Otago Press; 2008.
  47. Hocken A. Dr Hocken of Dunedin: a life. North Otago: East Riding Press; 2008.
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  62. Shackleton M. Operation Vietnam: a New Zealand Surgical First. Dunedin: University of Otago Press; 2004.
  63. Moore PE. So old, so quick / Patrick Eisdell Moore. Auckland: David Ling; 2004.
  64. Mayhew J. Doc Mayhew. Rugby’s Medicine Man. Auckland: Hodder Moa Beckett; 2004.
  65. Mayhew E. The Reconstruction of Warriors. Archibald McIndoe, the Royal AirForce and the Guinea Pig Club. London: Greenhill Books; 2004.
  66. Fenwicke R, ed. In Practice: the lives of New Zealand Women Doctors in the 21st centiry. Auckland: Random House; 2004.
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