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Historia Nunc Vivat    Medical Practitioners in New Zealand 1845-1930  Rex Wright-St Clair  

NZ Medical Practitioners in WW1 

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Gluckman, Laurie
Gluckman, Ann
Wagg, Michael

A Medical History of Early Auckland Based on the First 384 Inquests

Date: 2000
Publisher: Doppelganger

Gluckman, LK

Tangiwai: A Medical History of 19th Century New Zealand

Date: 1976
Publisher: Self-published

Guthrie, Margaret

Memoirs of a Woman Doctor. Different Stars for Different Times.

Date: 2014
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Hadden, Bruce

Eye Surgeons and Surgery in New Zealand

Date: 2014
Publisher: Random House New Zealand

Horsburgh, Margaret with
Heather Spinetto, Judy Murphy
Jill Crawford
Rachel Ronaldson
Sylvia Hilton

Hearts Hands Minds. The Cardio-thoracic Nurses of Green Lane

Date: 2010
Publisher: Dunmore Publishing Limited

Hutchinson, BR

Green Lane Hospital The First Hundred Years

Date: 1990
Publisher: Green Lane Hospital Centennial Committee 1990 Printed by Albion Press Ltd.

Jones, Ronald W

Doctors In Denial The forgotten women in the “Unfortunate Experiment”

Date: 2017
Publisher: Otago University Press

Arthur Eisdell
Montague, Ronald

Operation lifetime: the Memoirs of a New Zealand surgeon

Date: 1964
Publisher: 1964 Collins, 2013: eBook Auckland, NZ: Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind

Rice, Geoffrey
Bryder, Linda

Black November: The 1918 Influenza Pandemic in New Zealand

Date: 2005
Publisher: Canterbury University Press