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Historia Nunc Vivat    Medical Practitioners in New Zealand 1845-1930  Rex Wright-St Clair  

NZ Medical Practitioners in WW1 

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Richmond, David E
Miller, Thomas E
Murphy, Judy

In the Beginning. A history of the Medical Unit at Auckland Hospital and the formative years of the Department of Medicine, The University of Auckland

Date: 2013
Publisher: Printed by Norcross Print Group, Auckland

Robb, Sir Douglas

Medical Odyssey

Date: 1967
Publisher: Collins

Roche, Edward H
Roche, Antony HG

Green Lane Saga : Green Lane Hospital, Auckland 1889-1982 And Its Development Of Cardiology And Cardiothoracic And Vascular Surgery

Date: 1983
Publisher: Ray Richards

Romanos, Joseph
Woodfield, Graeme

No Ordinary Man The Remarkable Life of Arthur Porritt

Date: 2008
Publisher: Trio Books Limited

Rothwell, Peter

Waikato Hospital Our Hospital, Your Story

Date: 2017
Publisher: Waikato Health Memorabilia Trust

Scott, David John

The Story of Auckland Hospital, 1847-1977

Date: 1977
Publisher: Medical Historical Library Committee of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in New Zealand], 1977.

Seber, George AF
Woodfield, D Graeme

Alcohol: A dangerous love affair

Date: 2019
Publisher: Wild Side Publishing

Trubuhovich RV

Governor William Hobson His health Problems and Final Illness

Date: 2015
Publisher: Self-published

Trubuhovich RV
Judson JA

Intensive Care in New Zealand. A History of the New Zealand Region of ANZICS

Date: 1999