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Historia Nunc Vivat    Medical Practitioners in New Zealand 1845-1930  Rex Wright-St Clair  

NZ Medical Practitioners in WW1 

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Woodfield, Graeme

50th Year Celebrations of Medical History in Auckland Auckland Medical History Society 1964 -2014

Date: 2014
Publisher: Book designed by Graphic Explosion, Auckland Ltd., printed by Inkprint Ltd

Woodfield, Graeme

Jack Lovelock Athlete and Doctor

Date: 2007
Publisher: Trio Books Limited

Wright -St Clair,
Rex E

St John in New Zealand 1885-1985

Date: 1985
Publisher: Millwood Press, Wellington

Wright -St Clair,
Rex E

Thoroughly a man of the World: A biography of Sir David Monro MD

Date: 1971
Publisher: Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd

Wright -St Clair,
Rex E

Historia Nunc Vivat: Medical Practitioners in New Zealand 1840–1930

Date: 2003
Publisher: First published in New Zealand by Rex Wright-St Clair in 2003 and published in digital form by the Cotter Medical History Trust in 2013.